Being a bearded Outdoorsman

With a lot of change in the way Americans have chosen to live in the past 20 years, I want to talk a little bit about reclaiming the beard and being an outdoorsman. Now I'm not saying that an outdoorsman needs to have a beard, nor am I saying that a bearded man be an outdoorsman, but blending the two is a very harmonious decision. 
Why you may ask? First off, beards provide protection and insulation. Outdoorsmen oftentimes are out in the elements, whether that be extreme sunlight or extreme weather and having a beard provides protection from the elements. Many outdoorsman are outside in the elements during each of the four seasons (or two seasons for those warmer climate folk) and any additional forms of protection are valued assets. Let's talk how a great beard can protect in each of the four seasons shall we? 

Summer: Ever hear that having a beard in summer must be "so hot and uncomfortable?" Yeah, me too; the kicker is that a beard provides insulation in the summer as well and can help keep your face cool. Sounds counter intuitive doesn't it? It's amazing how a beard can wick sweat away from your face and give you an added buffer from the beating sun. A great side effect while out on the water fishing from early morning until noon, hiking in an open area, or out for a cool 50 miles on your bike. 

Fall: Beards are great in the fall for the outdoorsman. Fall is the start of the heavy bearding season for many and for good reason. Hunting season is in full swing in the fall and many avid outdoorsmen enjoy the benefits of a face warmer while out in the woods tracking their game. The air gets crisp and it's the beginning time to enjoy the warmth a beard gives you while hunting, fall fishing, hiking, and typically for the urban outdoorsman - sitting around the bonfire. I've heard a tale or two that the urban outdoorsman also enjoys the fall because their main prey (ladies who are becoming fans of the lumbersexuals of the world) are looking for a partner for cuddling season, which is quickly approaching. The beard renaissance is great for all of us bearded men and I do believe we all enjoy fall the best of all the seasons. 

Winter: Winter is high season for the beard. Typically high hunting season is late fall / early winter with many deer and duck hunters suiting up in the cold weather looking to stock their fridge for the winter season. Your beard will also provide superior protection when the temperature drops to the single digits, and if you're of the northern hemisphere brand, you know that facial protection in the winter is best suited with a growing beard. 
With that growing beard, comes responsibility. I'm not going to pitch a full blog post and not tell you that you need to protect that growing mange! Beard Oil Son. Get some today! The elements in the winter are by far the worst, just look at your hands if you're not sure I'm telling the truth. See that dry, white, flaky skin? Yeah, that's the dry winter air. Do you know how bad the dry air is to your special facial hair? IT'S BRUTAL. Protect yourself, it's a vital way to ensure that you don't have an itchy face underneath, along with terrible split ends. The more snow  and freezing weather you have and are outdoors in, the more imperative it is that you stay protected. 

Spring: Oh spring - the days of the layers getting smaller and the eye candy getting better. Oh wait a minute, not talking about people watching, talking about the outdoorsman. Spring is that great time of year that things are in bloom and blossom. A great time to be out with mother nature and experiencing quiet tranquility while hiking deep into the woods. While the true outdoorsman enjoys a deep hike to remote lands for fishing and camping, lest not forget the urban outdoorsman who knows that patios will soon be open for exploring as well!

Whether you enjoy being a true outdoorsman or an urban outdoorsman, there are four (or two warm weather folk, and I pity those of you with one) seasons to enjoy growing and maintaining your beard. Moral of the story, no matter what season it is, protect your beard with premium beard oil. We sell it, and I'd love to have you as a customer. Are you a lady who loves the beard? Then hook your man up with some beard oil, he'll be a thankful man! Plus we have a scent that is sure to match the personality of any bearded fella. Check out our selection here. 

Joe T 

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