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New Release - Beard Balm!

I am super excited to have released our initial offering of Beard Balm scents on August 29th! The testing process was intense and I would like to thank the bearded men who graciously tested and gave really good feedback on the product as it was evolving to what it is today. I'd like to share a couple thoughts about our adding beard balm to our product offering. 
The main reason for bringing our beard balms to the masses was the amount of requests I have received for a quality balm. I have had a lot of feedback about how great all of the scents are, but men were wishing for something a little thicker to help maintain their beards. A lot of times when your beard reaches a certain length, or if you just have a super thick brush, a man desires something to help maintain his face forest. Beard oil works great for moisturizing and giving a beard a great sheen, but doesn't always help with reigning in an unruly beard. If you experience this unruliness, in comes beard balm, and just as important as in our oil, I spent a long time meticulously formulating a product I am proud to put my name behind. 
By using exceptional ingredients and spending hours fine tuning the scents to ensure they matched our oils, I can proudly say that the quality you love in our beard oil is matched in our beard balm line up. In the initial release, you will find Maynard's Original, The Outdoorsman, Koala, and Basil Lime. There is a scent profile for everyone in one of these four offerings, in the words of a good buddy, no matter what scent you choose, "Yer' gonna luv it!" 
As with all of Maynard's Private Stock Beard Oils, our beard balms are all made in small batch quantities which allow me to ensure uniform scent profiles from unit to unit. These products are a labor of love, and I enjoy being able to share in your bearded enjoyment. You will find that these balms are smooth as butter, smell fantastic, and give your beard just the right amount of hold which will leave you easy like a Sunday morning. 
It is my great pleasure to offer Maynard's Private Stock Beard Balms. 



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Putting an end to split ends

If you have a beard of any length past approx. 1/4" you know that split ends start to play a role in your bearded journey. Do you know what I hate more than calf cramps? Beard hair split ends. So, with that in mind, I'm going to share some of my top split end terminator wisdom. First, we'll focus on preventing those pesky bastaads from rearing their ugly ends, then we'll quickly cover how to take care of split ends once they arrive. Ready? Go. 

Preventative care is always your best option, so I'm going to go a head a let you know about a few things to do in your daily life that will have lasting effects when it comes to the health of your beard. 
Eat Healthy - Yes, it begins simply. Eat simply, following the protocol of lean meats, lots of leafy green veggies and fruits, some fat, and little sugar/alcohol. It begins there. You have to fuel your body in the proper way, and eating out of a box, or the candy aisle isn't going to help, nor is catching a beer buzz on a nightly basis. 
Don't blast your face with harsh shampoos - Pick out a natural soap to use on your beard, shampoos are full of harsh chemicals that will dry out your hair and leave it damaged. 
Use Conditioner - Ever seen Billy Madison? I believe he was right when arguing that conditioner was better, because "it makes the hair silky and smooth." If you don't have any conditioner get some, or steal your girlfriend's, wife's, daughter's or whatever random girl you happen to stumble in the bathroom of. Your glorious brush will thank you. 
Use Beard Oil - Seriously, it doesn't have to be mine (although I wholly believe it should be). But, do your face a favor and use beard oil! Beard oil is going to moisturize the skin underneath, which will then send it's protection down the hair to the ends keeping it wrapped in it's healthy shield of awesomeness. Know what else it will do? Shine. Like a diamond. And smell magnificent - at least I know all of my oils do. 
Don't use beard trimmers - That's right, the jagged ends of beard trimmers are like jackhammers to your delicate hairs. If you need to trim and shape your beard, use scissors. And you WILL need to trim and shape your beard. Split ends are bound to happen, and scissors will be needed to stop them before they get worse, which leaves you with the way to take care of your split ends once following all the other advice has failed you. Split ends are bound to happen no matter how hard you try to eliminate them, but with the methods mentioned above, you can minimize them and also have the know how to correct them as well. Beard On! 

Joe T 

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New Product Alert - Koala

As the season change so will at least one of our product offerings. In the fashion of the changing seasons, we usher out winter and "Old Man Winter" and welcome Spring and "Koala" for your pleasure! Koala is a satisfying blend of our main carrier oils consisting of Hempseed oil, Jojoba oil, and Olive oil and has a unique blend of essential oils with Eucalyptus oil leading the charge. You'll soon know why Koala bears are not only cute and cuddly, but always in a good mood too. 

Having gone through a strict testing procedure, Koala is sure to leave you feeling relaxed to either start your day, or to wind it down after an evening shower. Beard oil is effective no matter when it is used, and Maynard's Private Stock - Koala won't disappoint. This blend will condition, soften, and smooth your bristles, while proving to be very pleasant on the nose. But don't just take our word for it, trust the JiggleBilly who is one of our lead product testers. 'Ol JiggleBilly states that "Maynard's Private Stock knocked it out of the park with their Koala blend! Not only do I notice the difference in the health of my beard, others take note of the sheen and pleasant scent that it provides." 

You can no get either full sized or sample sized bottles of Koala, just visit the link. Maynard's Private Stock - Koala. 


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Enjoy the journey

I have not had a clean shaven face for approximately 3 years. I've ended a "trim" with a mishap here or there, but I haven't lived the life of a shaven man for quite a while. This fall I committed to a year long journey. Otherwise known as a "yeard", a full year of beard growth takes patience along with care. Caring for your beard is important the longer it gets as it can easily get dry, brittle and split like the hair on your head. There are a few things that you can do to keep your beard healthy, and you happy about not looking like a homeless guy as your beard gets longer and longer. Style is still important fellas. 
First, itMaynard's Private Stock Beard Oil - Sample Pack's important to keep your beard clean and protected with a quality oil. We have plenty of that for you here. Beard oil is going to keep your beard moisturized and protected from the elements, in both the winter and summer. Beard oil also will moisturize the skin below your growing mane. It's imperative to protect yourself before you wreck yourself!
Secondly, it isn't a sin to trim your beard a little to keep your hair healthy and growing. Just as our lady counterparts have to trim their hair to keep it healthy, you need to do the same for your beard. Bearding takes work, especially if you're going to do it and look good while doing it. There is upkeep, combing, styling and trimming. Trim back the tips of your beard every few weeks to keep the hair healthy and allow it to grow into a great masterpiece upon your face. Beards don't have to look disheveled, you can also look perfectly professional if you've got one of those type of jobs. 
Lastly, enjoy the freedom that comes with bearding! Clean shaven guys have one look, not that there's anything wrong with that. You have the ability to have many, so have fun. Play with styles, find a few you like and then go from there. The styles you enjoy may change the longer your beard gets, which is perfectly fine. You can change your look much more frequently than your smooth faced brethren. No matter what you do, be you. Long, short, stubbly, or nil, Maynard's Private Stock is about you being you and not caring what other's may think. Let those freak flags fly, I know I've enjoyed every day of my 4 months thus far and just changed it up a bit. It's the journey that should be enjoyed, the destination just means that your journey has come to a close. If you ask me, I'd much rather be "enjoying the ride" than crossing the finish line. 

Joe T

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Being a bearded Outdoorsman

With a lot of change in the way Americans have chosen to live in the past 20 years, I want to talk a little bit about reclaiming the beard and being an outdoorsman. Now I'm not saying that an outdoorsman needs to have a beard, nor am I saying that a bearded man be an outdoorsman, but blending the two is a very harmonious decision. 
Why you may ask? First off, beards provide protection and insulation. Outdoorsmen oftentimes are out in the elements, whether that be extreme sunlight or extreme weather and having a beard provides protection from the elements. Many outdoorsman are outside in the elements during each of the four seasons (or two seasons for those warmer climate folk) and any additional forms of protection are valued assets. Let's talk how a great beard can protect in each of the four seasons shall we? 

Summer: Ever hear that having a beard in summer must be "so hot and uncomfortable?" Yeah, me too; the kicker is that a beard provides insulation in the summer as well and can help keep your face cool. Sounds counter intuitive doesn't it? It's amazing how a beard can wick sweat away from your face and give you an added buffer from the beating sun. A great side effect while out on the water fishing from early morning until noon, hiking in an open area, or out for a cool 50 miles on your bike. 

Fall: Beards are great in the fall for the outdoorsman. Fall is the start of the heavy bearding season for many and for good reason. Hunting season is in full swing in the fall and many avid outdoorsmen enjoy the benefits of a face warmer while out in the woods tracking their game. The air gets crisp and it's the beginning time to enjoy the warmth a beard gives you while hunting, fall fishing, hiking, and typically for the urban outdoorsman - sitting around the bonfire. I've heard a tale or two that the urban outdoorsman also enjoys the fall because their main prey (ladies who are becoming fans of the lumbersexuals of the world) are looking for a partner for cuddling season, which is quickly approaching. The beard renaissance is great for all of us bearded men and I do believe we all enjoy fall the best of all the seasons. 

Winter: Winter is high season for the beard. Typically high hunting season is late fall / early winter with many deer and duck hunters suiting up in the cold weather looking to stock their fridge for the winter season. Your beard will also provide superior protection when the temperature drops to the single digits, and if you're of the northern hemisphere brand, you know that facial protection in the winter is best suited with a growing beard. 
With that growing beard, comes responsibility. I'm not going to pitch a full blog post and not tell you that you need to protect that growing mange! Beard Oil Son. Get some today! The elements in the winter are by far the worst, just look at your hands if you're not sure I'm telling the truth. See that dry, white, flaky skin? Yeah, that's the dry winter air. Do you know how bad the dry air is to your special facial hair? IT'S BRUTAL. Protect yourself, it's a vital way to ensure that you don't have an itchy face underneath, along with terrible split ends. The more snow  and freezing weather you have and are outdoors in, the more imperative it is that you stay protected. 

Spring: Oh spring - the days of the layers getting smaller and the eye candy getting better. Oh wait a minute, not talking about people watching, talking about the outdoorsman. Spring is that great time of year that things are in bloom and blossom. A great time to be out with mother nature and experiencing quiet tranquility while hiking deep into the woods. While the true outdoorsman enjoys a deep hike to remote lands for fishing and camping, lest not forget the urban outdoorsman who knows that patios will soon be open for exploring as well!

Whether you enjoy being a true outdoorsman or an urban outdoorsman, there are four (or two warm weather folk, and I pity those of you with one) seasons to enjoy growing and maintaining your beard. Moral of the story, no matter what season it is, protect your beard with premium beard oil. We sell it, and I'd love to have you as a customer. Are you a lady who loves the beard? Then hook your man up with some beard oil, he'll be a thankful man! Plus we have a scent that is sure to match the personality of any bearded fella. Check out our selection here. 

Joe T 

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Video: How to use Maynard's Private Stock Beard Oil

Check the video guys and gals, here's how you use our beard oil! 

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Valentine's Day - Gifts for the bearded man

Valentine's Day is coming and what better thing to share than a top list of gifts for the bearded man on your list? There are tons of great ideas for the manliest of men, and this list is sure to have a couple items that any adventurous man would appreciate. So, in no particular order, these are items that many men would appreciate (bearded or not). 

  1. A growler of local craft beer - Craft beverages have been all the rage for a few years now, and popularity is increasing every day with craft breweries opening at an exponential rate. From hop heads to java enthusiasts, your local brewery is certain to have a style that will tickle your man's fancy. If you have been together for any period of time, you should know his favorite style. I would encourage you to either hit his favorite spot, or perhaps venture out to somewhere new and get him a growler to enjoy across a night or three, depending on his consumption choice. It will be welcomed with open arms and he'll appreciate the gesture and possibly even share a pint with you. It's a win-win. 
  2. A RFID Protected Wallet - What is a RFID Protected Wallet you ask? It is a metal incased wallet that protects your credit/debit card information from being stolen. A nice one that can also be engraved is made by Bryk as seen here. A great added bonus to a RFID Wallet is that it won't grow. Have a man who hates his "Costanza" wallet? Problem solved. 
  3. A Gadget that Supports His Interests - Have a man that enjoys hiking? Get him something he can take with him on his next excursion. Your guy like biking? Go with a new Headlight, or bike computer. That fella like tech crap? How about a portable battery pack to keep his phone from dying. You'll be able to find something in this realm for fairly inexpensive to break the bank rich. 
  4. Something to Accentuate or Add to his style - A new hat perhaps? Pair of smooth suspenders? Or maybe a man-bag to help his ailing pockets if he's of the skinny jean variety (although if that's the case, I'd suggest a new pair of pants that don't look like he stole a pair of yours). I would say you can't go wrong with a pair of sunglasses either, again you could find any in the price range of cheap to exxxpensive. 
  5. A New Scent - Guys like to smell nice too, I'd suggest going with something similar to what he typically wears, but with a change that you think would tickle your nostrils. 
  6. A Straight Edge Razor - Give him a blast from the past and let him learn to keep his smooth areas smoother with a fine razor. This can go for either men of the bearded or clean shaven variety. Even fully bearded men typically shave their upper cheeks and neck line. Don't skimp on a $6 razor either, give him something of quality, it's his money maker you're gifting. 
  7. Products for His Amazing Beard - I wasn't going to put up a list without getting to something that you can get right here from my website! Seriously though, beard oil has many benefits, smells amazing, and will protect his face. Again, give his money maker something that will keep him giving you butterflies. A sample pack of Maynard's Private Stock Beard Oil is a great idea, as it will allow him to try all of our scents and decide which one is his favorite to order a larger bottle of. Check out our sample pack here. There are also items such as beard combs and brushes that can impress him with your thoughtfulness as well. 

Most of all, put some thought into the gift for your man as well, it's the least you can do when he'll be overspending on your flowers and such! Lastly, here's to you all for getting sweet, sweet loving on Valentine's Day! It is the day for lovers' after all. 


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Beard Oil - Maynard's Original

With four feature scents and one to three rotating scents of our beard oil products, I wanted to take the opportunity to discuss our main feature scent "Maynard's Original" in this post. Maynard's Original is the beard oil that started it all for us and we have heard many people state that it's their "go to" as it has a unique blend of spices and citrus that offers just the proper amount of lasting scent along with a great healthy sheen provided by the carrier oils of hemp seed, jojoba and olive. 

Maynard's Original Beard OilThe spiciness of Maynard's Original beard oil begins with clove essential oil blended with the nuttiness of hemp seed oil, ample jojoba oil, and a touch of olive oil. Clove not only has a great smell, it also has antimicrobial, antiseptic, antiviral, aphrodisiac and a great stimulating property. The oil is often used in treating various ailments oftentimes in dental health. Clove is also recommended for skin care, especially for those suffering from acne. Clove oil also can be helpful in fighting wrinkles and other signs of aging, not that you care because your age is hidden by that glorious bush on your face! 

The main reason I love this scent is clove oil's stimulating effect on the mind and stress relief. What better way to clear your head than a nice waft of clove after a hot shower? Not much if you ask me. Complementing the clove essential oils, I like to use a blend of citrus, and spice which are both refreshing and relaxing, to give Maynard's Original it's great scent that is sure to please. Head over to the product page to see more on Maynard's Original beard oil by clicking this link

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The time for resolutions is here as many will drink away 2014 and inspire to be a better version of themselves in 2015. Resolutions come in many forms and whether you are aiming to lose some pounds, quit a vice or live with less stress, we wish you all the best for 2015. At Maynard's Private Stock, we're not too hung up on resolutions, but I am a big fan of commitment. 

So, I would like to discuss a few things that I am committed to in 2015. First, I am committed to bringing bearded and non bearded folk alike quality products that are made in small batches, just the way our forefathers created their products. On the horizon I have shaving butter that will be sure to please all who use it, women... I'm looking at you. You'll get some to try with your man, but you'll end up using it all for yourself! There will be other products launching in the coming months as well, so be ready for many offerings in 2015. 
Second, I am committed to building a community that heavily involves beards, but that is just one facet. I intend to inflect my personal tastes and hobbies into the page as well. There will be many more blog posts ranging from my favorite products, music, hikes, bikes/biking, fitness methods, and general bad assedry for all to discuss and share your ideas as well. While Maynard's Private Stock is in the business of selling products, I want you all to be involved as well. Take pictures of you with your Maynard's product out and about and share it socially, or in comments of blogs. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, twitter and G+ (and soon to be on YouTube as well), hashtag your posts with #MaynardsPvtStock and search the hashtag for others who are joining in discussions with us every day. 
Thirdly for today's post, I also want to share my commitment to building a business that believes in giving people a reason to smile. Many businesses in today's world seem to be too up tight with bottom lines and stake holders to focus on their customers and more importantly their employees. With your help, I intend for this to grow into a business with employees and I fully am committed to treating my employees with the respect that I have seen lacking in so many workplaces in recent years. In the time of year we should be counting our blessings, I feel it's important to be introspective and search within ourselves for what it is we can do to better serve those around us and give each other reasons to smile and feel appreciated and valuable. I am thoroughly excited for 2015 and seeing what it has in store for myself along with this journey with Maynard's Private Stock. With your help, we can make this next year one of the best years we've experienced. 
In closing, I'd like to thank everyone who has visited, helped, bought, and talked to me offline about this venture. I would like to say thank you, especially those supportive people who have given me the confidence to take on entrepreneurship. I am looking forward to growing and making 2015 amazing. 


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Essential Oils - Peppermint

Knowing your essential oils is beneficial for more than just finding a scent that tickles your nostrils. In this edition, I'm going to let you know a little bit about Peppermint and the benefits that it possesses. 

Not only does peppermint give you a pleasant smile while remembering the days of candy cane past, it also has shown the ability to help with common ailments such as indigestion. Now the benefits of essential oils are diminished while used in beard oil, but the effects are still transferred, so while you are having visions of peppermint patties, the benefits are being transposed throughout your body. Pretty cool, huh? 
Peppermint has been found to help with the following ailments: indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, heartburn, headaches, fever, congestion, to improve alertness, and to genuinely smell awesome. 
I'm not saying that your ailments will be cured with use of Maynard's Private Stock beard oil, but it is a cool bonus that on top of the brush on your face smelling amazing, you could be benefitting in other ways. Our "Old Man Winter" beard oil is centralized around a blend of essential oils that complement peppermint oil. It leaves your beard with a nice shine, clean scent, and a cooling effect that leaves you feeling ready to attack your day with gusto. 

Need a brisk kick to the face in the morning? Go with our Old Man Winter beard oil, you won't regret it. 


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Top reasons to use beard oil

Ever since I have been telling friends and family about starting Maynard’s Private Stock, the question of why would someone use beard oil has come up. I’d like to take a moment and discuss a few of the reasons that bearded men should use beard oil as there is great usefulness to beard oil when it comes to the health of your face.

First and foremost, if you have a beard it needs conditioned. Just like your head, as your hair grows it can lose proteins and begin to split (split ends fellas). This leaves your beard hair in an unhealthy state and your luscious face locks will suffer. Beard oil comes to the rescue. The oil blends that I use in Maynard’s Private Stock beard oil are specifically used because of their qualities when it comes to split ends, dry skin, and a healthy shine while feeling light and not like your beard is full of some product. If you ever experience split ends in your beard, a quality beard oil will help with it.

Secondly, dry skin and itchiness occur for many men who don a quality growth. Beard oils can help smooth the beard and also moisturize the skin beneath, giving you better results with flaking and scratchiness.  If you’ve ever experience a winter north of say Alabama, then you know that the dry winter air affects more than being able to shock your friends with static electricity. The air also dries out your beard, leaving you with the need for proper a proper moisturizer. You’re sure to experience comments and compliments when others see the nice shine along with the full healthy looking beard you are sporting, not to mention the pleasant smell.  

The softening properties of Hemp seed, jojoba and olive oils present are also an enormous benefit to using facial hair care products. The blend of these three simple oils will soften your beard and help it lay down smoother along your face, a true benefit if you work in an office setting where “the man” isn’t a fan of big beautiful beards. By oiling and combing your beard, you will appear to have a professional appearance, the best of both worlds! If you like the look of a burly beard, have no fear as it’s simple to bush up that beard and look like the lumberjack you are even with beard oil.

Lastly, we all like to have something pleasant to smell. With four staple scents and at least one rotating scent as well, you are sure to find a scent for every occasion to grace your face and please your smeller as it wafts up from your finely crafted mustache. Essential oils have more use than just for a little scent as well. Many essential oils used in Maynard’s Private Stock beard oils are used for their use in aromatherapy. Having a stressful day and need to calm down some? Then I would suggest using one of our oils that has either peppermint or eucalyptus. Many essential oils also have properties that help with inflammation of the skin, which can help if you experience acne and clogged pores under your beard. So yes, while our oils have great scents, they also have functional purpose as well.

I encourage you to research our products and feel free to ask any questions you may have about them. Maynard’s Private Stock is a great way to help keep your beard as nice, plush, quality, woodsmanesque, or professional as you prefer.


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Lifestyle of the bearded

There are a lot of folks who are digging beards these days, and here at Maynard's we want to give all bearded men and lovers of bearded men an outlet to talk shop and you will see many lifestyle type posts. You don't have to have a beard to enjoy Maynard's Private Stock because many of our non-bearded brethren share our love of things like the outdoors, tattoos, music, quality products, motorcycles, good coffee, craft beer, distinguished spirits and staying physically fit with a program such as CrossFit or even doing curls in the squat rack (although I'd smack you if I saw you doing that one). 

While we love making quality beard oils and other grooming products which we will be releasing in the future, we also like to talk about things other than face care. As I work today with the fresh scents of Maynard's Private Stock Beard Oil, specifically "Naptown Blend" gracing my beard, I figured I'd drop some keystrokes and discuss a great beard in history. 

One of my favorite bearded men in history is the man who tried and failed many times in his life until he finally attained the goals he was shooting for. And what better way to do it than with a beard and break the mold of a clean shaven man holding the office of the President of the United States? I salute you, Mr. Abraham Lincoln for having the fortitude to carry on and pave the path for bearded men in a "professional" setting. I'm pretty confident old "Honest Abe" knew that being bearded is a gift that you shouldn't shun. When you've been given that magnificent growth upon your mug, you embrace it and forge on towards whatever you have set your sights on. If you think finding quality work with a beard is difficult how do you think Abe felt going after the highest office in the US? Probably felt some heat about "not looking the part" or "looking less than professional" I'm assuming he had some key words for his detractors as well. Know what's better? I would be willing to bet that Abe maintained his scruff with a product much like Maynard's Private Stock Beard Oil. Having that nice sheen and scent keeping his face looking dapper and all he came in contact with impressed at his nonconformist attitude. 

Now when you are feeling a little heat from work about the beard you've decided to grow, let your boss know about Abe and his struggle. Let them know that if it's acceptable for the POTUS to sport a beard, your office can't possibly be "more professional" than that! Please them with a healthy beard that doesn't look like garbage too, use products to prove you aren't a lazy person, you just like to follow your own drum and can still remain professional while doing so. Head back to the homepage and pick yourself up a bottle of "Naptown Blend" and bask in the warmth of coffee and spice while it keeps your face looking very nice! Our beard oil will help you prove that beards belong, when a coworker gets a whiff of your delicious smelling stubble, be ready to call HR for your personal space being invaded. You've been warned, Maynard's Private Stock Beard Oil will get you noticed! 



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Proper use of Maynard's Private Stock - Beard Oils

I would first like to welcome to Maynard's Private Stock. I am excited to make a vision a reality and chase the American Dream by providing you great quality, hand made beard oil and other beard products. Created by a bearded man, for bearded men. I believe you will find that I am offering a product unlike the other beard oils and balms on the market. From the carrier oils I choose to use for my beard oil, to the essential oil combinations not found by other's, I am aiming to reach a population of men who, like me, have been looking for something more from the beard oil they have used in the past. In this initial blog post, I would like to give you the rundown on proper use of Maynard's Private Stock.

First, let's discuss my carrier oils.

  • Hemp seed oil - many steer away from hemp seed oil for one reason or another, but I utilize it as my main carrier oil for its ability to keep skin moist so beard hair doesn't become brittle and break or get split ends.
  • Jojoba oil - Many people use Jojoba as their main carrier oil due to it being so close to natural oil our skin produces. I like to use a little of it for the same reason, but not as a main carrier. 
  • Olive oil - I utilize extra virgin olive oil for its ability to help strengthen hair and eliminate split ends. 
  • Grape seed oil - Grape seed oil helps reduce pore inflammation associated with dry skin, great for dryer climates, and especially during midwest winters. 

I'm going to choose not to get in the weeds with my essential oils at this time, but trust me, I'll address the essential oils I use in my beard oil at length in coming posts. 

Proper use of Maynard's Private Stock beard oils is key to maintaining a healthy beard that will leave others wondering what you do to maintain such a healthy and maintained beard. Follow this guide for using Maynard's Private Stock beard oils.

  •  Wash your face son, preferably with a natural soap. Don't worry, I'll have you covered in the near future, but in the meantime use something like Dr. Bronners
  • Dry that face. Pat it dry nice and soft like, you don't want to tangle up your mange. 
  • Wait a couple minutes, go put on your deodorant, some clothes and your shoes. Done? Good, now depending on the length of your beard let's apply Maynard's Private Stock Beard Oils properly. For shorter beards, put about a dime to nickel size amount of beard oil in your palm. Rub your hands together and rub that sweet oil into your beard. Voila! Nice work, now enjoy whatever scent you chose to grace your face with. Do you have a longer beard? You're going to need more oil. I prefer to put a small amount on my finger tips and massage into a third of my beard at a time. I start with one cheek, hit the other cheek, and then finish with my chin and mustache. 
  • ENJOY! 

I truly hope you enjoy my oil as much as I enjoy making and wearing it myself. Like, share and get yourself some of Maynard's Private Stock Beard Oil! 

Check our line of premium products here

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